"Hi, I’m Martina Dowling and I’m the owner of Shanti Holistic Yoga Studio in Patricks Court Tullamore (previously the yoga hub). I launched Shanti holistic last August during the pandemic and have now moved our classes online. Until the restrictions are lifted! Before Shanti Holistic, I had a career in travel for over 20 years working with airlines and tour operators. I brought that chapter of my life to an end in October 2018 when I travelled to India where I trained as a yoga instructor. Having practiced for many years, I decided to make my passion my career.

Why I choose to work with Millbee

I believe in supporting local businesses and using locally sourced products whenever possible. I am also very passionate about cruelty free products and I volunteer with animal charities.

I feel that we all need to do our part in helping both the environment, protecting animals from testing and whenever possible supporting local business. I feel that Millbee ticks all of the above."

- Martina Dowling

 Shanti yoga millbee balm

We are delighted to have Martina join us as one of Millbee's newest ambassadors. At Millbee we encourage you all to look after your well-being and yoga is a wonderful way to do this. Along with yoga, we encourage meditation,  creating self-care rituals and getting a good nights sleep. Martina has kindly created a video that guides you through her night-time ritual using Millbee's beeswax balm with lavender. We love her softly spoken voice and can't wait to share more guided videos with you. 

Martina's guided night-time ritual with Millbee lavender balm


You can follow or book an online yoga course with Martina through her Facebook Page.


March 04, 2021 — Jennifer Doyle

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