Candles played a central role in the observance of Samhain, the ancient Celtic festival in which Halloween is rooted. This warm, flickering light was not only believed to guide ancestral spirits back to the mortal realm but also served as a beacon of hope in the face of encroaching darkness.

Here are 6 interesting reasons why candles were so important in the Celtic tradition!

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1) Guiding Ancestral Spirits

Samhain is a time when it's believed that the veil between the physical world and the spiritual realm is at its thinnest. Candles were lit to provide a source of light to guide the spirits of departed ancestors back to the mortal realm. This act was seen as a way to honor and welcome them.


2) Symbol of Light into Darkness

As Samhain marked the transition into winter, days grew shorter and nights longer. Candles served as literal and symbolic sources of light during this dark time, representing hope, warmth, and the triumph of light over darkness. Millbee's Beeswax Candles emit a warm, golden light that resembles the natural spectrum of sunlight. This sun-like glow makes them perfect for combatting the approaching long, dark evenings!


3) Protection and Warding 

It was believed that during Samhain, malevolent spirits and otherworldly entities were more active. Candles were used as a form of protection, as their light was thought to ward off negative energies and unwanted influences.

Halloween candles_ Beeswax


4) Ritual and Ceremony

Candles played a central role in Samhain rituals and ceremonies. They were lit to signify the beginning and end of specific rites, acting as a representation of the sacred fire.


5) Aid in Divination and Reflection 

Samhain was considered a powerful time for divination and seeking guidance from the spiritual realm. Candles provided a focal point for meditation, scrying (a form of divination), or other practices aimed at connecting with intuition and gaining insight.


6) Decoration and Ambiance 

Just like today, celts used candles as a form of decor. Candles contributed to the overall atmosphere and aesthetics of Samhain celebrations. They created a cosy, mystical ambiance that enhanced the sense of connection with the spiritual world. To replicate this snug atmosphere in your home this Samhain, try Millbee's aromatherapy candles

Halloween candles_beeswax
October 03, 2023 — sinead linden

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