Let's share a few ideas for creating a special Mothers Day

The past 12 months was extra hard on us all. We need to take the opportunity to be extra kind to ourselves and loved ones and on Mothers Day (Sunday, 14 March - a little reminder for you!), it's all about Mother's. This traditional holiday was conceived in the 1900's by Anna Jarvis as a way of honoring the sacrifices mothers made for their children. This year we are all celebrating Mothers day in the home so let's share some ideas on what we can do! 

Beeswax candles
Mom’s Spa Day at Home

What better gift to give your hard-working Mother, other than the gift of relaxation, because believe it or not, Mothers need a day off too! A Spa Day is all about relaxation. Starting with breakfast in bed. Even if it's simply juice and toast brought in to your bedroom on a tray by little kiddies! It's about lighting a candle, maybe even while taking a bath to relax and have some 'me time'. You can finish the day off using Millbee's balm as a foot and hand balm to relax and calm and help induce a restful night's sleep.

A day off from cooking

You can order a takeaway or have something prepared the day before and covered in the fridge with Millbee's wraps! If your partner loves to cook why not get him to recreate this delicious Chinese takeout - Broccoli in Garlic Sauce recommended by Yvonne in Hey Pesto.

Movie night in

Let’s finish the day off with Mom's favorite flick. A family movie night, cozied up on the couch is a perfect way to end your Mother’s special day. Set the scene by creating a comfy seating area for the whole family. If you don’t have enough room on the sofa, turn your floor into the kingdom of cosy; throws, cushions, duvets, is all you need to make the perfect movie night fort. Create the perfect movie night snack using our 3 delicious popcorn flavours; Orange and cinnamon, Toffee popcorn (my personal favourite), and Honey and sea salt. You will need a little light so you can locate that popcorn bowl, Millbee’s Beeswax candle’s radiate the most beautiful warm yellow glow, with a subtle natural scent to finish off the perfect day. 

Mother's day gift set
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For the Mother that you can't have for dinner this year

Let's not forget those Mothers that you can't invite for dinner this year. They may have their kids rared and gone but they still deserve to be treated. A perfect gift for Mothers day is Millbee's beeswax wraps, balm and pillar candle gift set. With this luxurious set your Mother can create her very own pampering experience.  

Cook with Yvonne from Hey Pesto

For Mother's who could do with some company and fun learning we suggest gifting one of Hey Pesto's cookery classes. Millbee has teamed up with Yvonne from Hey Pesto this month who is using beeswax wraps during her weekly online cookery class. Each week Yvonne creates delicious recipes in a casual setting with a bit of banter from attendees. Yvonne is great fun to watch, offers really useful culinary advice and welcomes plenty of questions and chat from those attending. 

If you would like to share ideas on how to make this Mothers Day extra special please let us know in the comments. It is so important to tell our mother’s how much we love and respect them at every chance we get, not just on Mothers Day. I hope you all have a very special Mother’s Day this year!

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March 16, 2022 — Alexandra Daly

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