Christmas markets are a wonderful place to roam during the cold winter evenings with family and friends, which will no doubt get you into the Christmas mood!

Below, are five reasons to visit Christmas Markets!

1. The Beautiful Light Displays

Some of the light displays are just spectacular, The Galway Christmas Markets is one I do recommend seeing! The sight of lights glittering and twinkling around the markets is just priceless.

2. Buy Local Artisan Gifts

Whether you are shopping for the kids or the adults, Christmas Markets tend to tick all the boxes. There is nothing better than supporting local and to say the least, markets are full of them! From handmade gifts to artisan foods, you'll easily find something quiet unique not available elsewhere!

3. Listen to live Christmas Music

The vast majority of markets nowadays have carols playing from the speakers, or in some cases from actual carolers!

Christmas Carols are the ultimate way to spring yourself into the Christmas feeling!

4. Ice Skating

Some Christmas Markets now include ice rinks. Ice skating brings the family together, full of cheer and laughter. I recommend the Waterford Interval. Their ice rink is amazing, the cold chilled feeling alongside the Christmas music really adds to that Christmas vibe as you skate around. Well worth visiting.

5. Try Unique Foods

The Belfast Christmas Markets is another hugely popular market in Ireland. At the market, expect to find a huge food court with cuisines from over 32 different countries!

We Hope You Enjoyed This Short Blog Post On Reasons To Visit Christmas Markets! There Is Some Really Fantastic Ones Across Ireland, Do Make Sure You Try And Visit One Before The Christmas Season Comes To A Halt!



December 12, 2022 — Scott Meleady

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