Millbee at Sheridans Annual Food Market

Millbee at Sheridans Annual Food Market

I am delighted to have a stall at this years Sheridans Food Festival. The market takes place Sunday 26th May from 10-6pm at their Virginia Road Station Headquarters in Co. Meath. The festival highlights producers across Ireland that make up the diverse food culture of our island. Children are central to the Festival and there will be a series of workshops for the next generation of Irish food lovers. This year, food producer and author Olivia Goodwillie is running three Children’s workshops with themes focusing on wheat, dairy, and vegetables.  

New Bread Wrap

I will be selling Irish made beeswax food wraps and will be introducing a new large bread wrap - ideal for wrapping up and keeping fresh homemade bread! 

More details on what's happening at the festival here 

Looking forward to meeting everyone and stocking up on some delicious foods!

May 22, 2019 — Jennifer Doyle
Introducing Millbee and me

Introducing Millbee and me

Welcome to my first blog post. Let me start by sharing a bit about myself. My name is Jennifer. I'm a mum to Jane (5 yrs) and Matthew (4 yrs) and I'm married to Joe. I'm a country girl, living in the midlands of Ireland which has a beautiful landscape and bogland scenery. So where did Millbee come from? It was a number of things. First, I was familiar with beeswax and all its great uses. I had been making beeswax candles and keeping bees. And second, I wanted to become more sustainable. As a mother, I’ve been growing increasingly aware of the impact our practices have on our kids’ futures. I’ve become more conscious of how much plastic we actually use and how we can change this.

Beeswax Wraps

I started to make and use beeswax food wraps for my family and soon after, my friends and relatives started asking me for them too! I made my first batch of beeswax food wraps and set up a stall at the local food market and sold out! Turns out there are lots of people who are sick of using clingfilm and want to become more sustainable. So for me, this is the beginning of a new business journey. I want to create a business that has a positive impact on our environment and one that is socially responsible. Big changes are needed which everyone needs to be on board with, and I want to do my part in our environment.

March 01, 2019 — Jennifer Doyle