As Black Friday beckons, you may be looking forward to shopping online for splash prices on items you may have had an eye on for a while. Ever since Black Friday has become a thing here in Ireland, we've seen customers fighting over discounted goods in limited quantities. 

Why we're not taking part in Black Friday?

In our eyes, it's not a good look and, we believe that  Black Friday promotes over-consumption of products and unnecessary panic shopping.

As well as this, (well for us in our position), Black Friday is almost impossible for small independent retailers and artisan brands to partake in, considering our business size in comparison to the large multinational companies!

Not only does Black Friday contribute to bad shopping habits, it only adds junk to the household, with many of the purchases leading to be unwanted and thrown out, which just adds more pollution to the environment.

Green Friday

So this year we will be taking a stand on this and getting involved in Green Friday. Green Friday challenges customers to quit the rush to the shops and choose to look elsewhere at smaller sustainable brands, or maybe not shop at all! We believe it's time to practice conscious consumerism. Think before you purchase and ask yourself - "Will I really use this? or "Will the person I'm buying this gift for really appreciate it?"

To conclude the above, there are plenty of ways to be more conscious. 

1)Shop local

2) Support more independent stores

3) Visit local markets

4) Pay attention to packaging

5) Resist the impulse buy! 

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