As Plastic-free July comes to an end here are some reminders on how to stay involved and do your bit to be kind to the earth! Zero Waste Ireland takes a '6 R' approach. Plus we have included some other great advice that ZWI prescribes! 

Re-think your consumption. 
Refuse to buy what you do not need.
Reduce what you do need. 
Reuse what you consume. 
Recycle/Remake what you cannot consume.

What is The Zero Waste lifestyle?

Zero Waste describes a lifestyle that aims to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Decision making and choice are key to the process. At every point of consumption or the product lifecycle, we can choose how and what we purchase, how and what we consume and how and what we discard.

Its all about the little steps! Our reusable Millbee Beeswax Wraps can support you in your zero waste journey. Leave clingfilm and tinfoil out of your next shop and swap them for any of our Beeswax wraps!

Why a Zero Waste lifestyle?

It all starts with making the choice to stop and reflect on how products and food are designed and produced. From there we can ask how the wasted resources from production and post-consumption are handled.  The impacts of climate change are ever more apparent, taking steps at home can really add to the greater effort of protecting our environment. Challenge your habits and learn about the positive results of the Zero Waste Lifestyle too!

How To become Zero Waster?

Follow our facebook and instagram page for more tips and advice on the Zero Waste lifestyle. 

Moreover, joining the #Zerowasaters online and in your local community is a supportive and group orientated way to get involved. 



July 29, 2019 — Catherine Brew Quinn

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