Halloween night has become a ritual to watch a movie in most households. After a long day of going from house to house with your little one's trick or treating, it's so nice to wind down in the night and relax on the sofa with candles and a roaring fire. Anyway, we would like to share different ways in how to have a Halloween themed movie night, with one of the ways weather permitting!

1. The Location

The first decision we recommend making is deciding WHERE to host your Halloween movie night! You may decide to sit beside the fire and put your feet up, or you may be adventurous! If you decide to go spooky, and watch a movie outdoors, we recommend setting up a projector out the back garden with pumpkins lit up- the ideal Halloween feel!

2. Choice Of Food

As always, you can just never go wrong with chocolate snacks and of course popcorn! Why not place your popcorn inside our Food Wraps? Turn our medium size wrap into a cone by grabbing a corner and folding into cone shape. You can fold down at the top to secure. These cones are handy for many other snacks such as pretzels or crisps! The beeswax wrap cones give a fun snacking experience for kids and they are reusable too!

3. Create The Cozy Atmosphere

There is no need to over-decorate your house at all, but as mentioned above, we do recommend some light-up pumpkins around the house definitely! Our Beeswax Dipped Candles are also the perfect addition to the movie night and will produce a warm glow to keep you cozy!

4. Make it smell like Halloween!

Lighting those pumpkins hours before the movie will enhance that Halloween smell and experience if you like! We recommend lighting the pumpkin in the room two hours before you plan to sit down and watch the movie!!

Whatever you have going on around the Halloween period, I hope you enjoy it. We would love to see photos of your Halloween movie night, please do send them on!

October 24, 2022 — Scott Meleady

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