We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Raw Irish Honey.

Our honey is sourced from Irish bees that feed on Spring and Summer blossoms. It is 100% pure Irish Honey, with no unnecessary additives or external honey sources. All of our honey can be sourced back to the beekeeper and apiary. 

Why Local and Raw Irish Honey?

When you buy from a local honey producer you know where your honey is coming from. Often in supermarkets, we think we are buying Irish honey when we are not. The labelling can be misleading. Our current batch of honey is coming from Offaly beekeeper Niall O'Reilly. It is raw & Irish and it tastes delicious.

Irish Honey

With Raw honey some Crystallization may occur. This is a natural property of raw honey. To clear place in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes and stir.  


Here at Millbee sustainability is central to our ethos. Our label is made from recycled paper and we used a water soluable adhesive so it's easier to remove and recycle your jar. Our honey is carefully packaged and delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes and wrapped in an eco-friendly paper alternative to plastic bubble wrap. 

To celebrate the launch we are offering 5% OFF when you order two jars!

Available to buy online here!


October 01, 2019 — Jennifer Doyle


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