Hello and welcome to all Millbee's new ambassadors. For those of you that don't know me, I'm Jennifer the founder of Millbee. We are a lifestyle brand centered around nature and sustainability with products that include beeswax wraps, candles, balms, organic napkins and tea-towels. We're based in the Midlands of Ireland. My goal is to grow our brand through a community ethos. I believe it's more fun and honestly, I've been a one-women-show creating content to date and it's lonely and so hard! I know some of you are new to ambassador programs so I'll start with the basics. Also, this is new for me too so it will be a learning curve for us all! 

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a person who represents and promotes a company, supports its offers and brand values by communicating with others about the brand online and offline. Brand ambassadors do not need fixed qualifications and can be anybody from family and friends to employees.

What does a Brand Ambassador do?

Below are some of the roles a brand ambassador can do. 

  • Representing the brand positively in a multitude of settings
  • Assisting in content creation (ie. writing blogs, newsletters, product reviews, etc.)
  • Participating in event marketing
  • Generating brand awareness through word-of-mouth marketing
  • Being an opinion leader in his/her community
  • Providing feedback and insight on new products/services
  • Promoting the brand via their personal social media accounts 

There is value with all types of Brand Ambassadors - this includes those who have both a large and an intimate follower base and also those that have no social media presence. There's a lot to be said for word of mouth!

What are Affiliates?

Affiliates or affiliate marketing can have a bad name for the simple reason that there are some people promoting products just for the commission and may not have even used these products. For Millbee, I would like you to be an ambassador that genuinely believes in the brand and it's products. I also understand the value of people's time and I know how long it can take to create content so I think receiving a commission is fair. 

What is an affiliate link and how do you use it?

Affiliate links are specific URLs that contain the affiliate's ID or username. They're used for tracking the traffic sent from the affiliate's website or social media to Millbee's website. You will get your commissions from Millbee paid out to your PayPal account.

Where to share your affiliate link?

1. Social media 

On your preferred social media platform - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Pinterest. We use a handy app called linktree for adding links to our Instagram profile or you can also add directly to your profile and include 10% off at Millbee.

2. Blog Posts

If you have a blog you can share your link there or alternatively you can create a blog for Millbee and include your link. Here's some examples of our previous blogs 

3. Video

If you like creating or watching videos you can add your link in video descriptions or comments. 

4. Re-sharing content

Feel free to download images or re-share from our Instagram account. I use this app for downloading images. If you see credit given to another person for the image be sure to tag them. 

A few other options are forums, podcasts, review sites and email. 

It's important to be authentic and honest. You don't always need to be promoting product sales. Promoting our values and being encouraging are most important. As a brand, Millbee’s mission is to inspire and encourage people to connect with nature and live more sustainably while looking after their well-being. I know many of you share the same values and can add so much more value so don't be afraid to get creative with your content and have fun too! If you are unsure of anything please don't be afraid to ask. You can reach me through DMs on Instagram or on email - info@millbee.com