Millbee's beeswax is sustainably farmed. The African beeswax we source is actually from wild bee broods, within or close to national Kenyan and Tanzania park lands and reserves so they forage mixed wild flora and fauna. They are mainly (90%) traditional ‘log’ hives (not western hives) managed by co-operatives made up of local African small holders. We require the African farmers to leave minimum 30% of the wax when harvesting and use only traditional smoking methods. The farmers want to encourage the wild bee broods to remain so are careful not to disturb them more than necessary. You might think that buying local beeswax is best however the UK and Irish bee population is actually really struggling. Bee-keeping here is becoming popular but there is a long way to go and UK and Irish mono-crop agricultural and pesticide practices aren’t ideal for our bee population ongoing. With our suppliers there is no mono-crop issue and no pesticides. Hence African wild bees are generally a very healthy robust breed. We have a fully traceable supply chain from hive to customer.  

If you have any questions about our sustainable beeswax, please send us a note here.