You're almost there! Here's what's next...

Yay! We’re excited you’re interested in being a Millbee Ambassador. There’s just one final step in the application process...

When you become an Ambassador, you’ll film videos about your Millbee experiences. So, we want to see how you film!

To finish your application, please record a sample video of yourself answering ONE of the following questions:

1. Why do you love MILLBEE?

2. Why do you want to make positive changes when it comes to caring for the environment and/or your well-being?

3. What’s your favorite Millbee product and why?

Your choice... answer the question that speaks to you the most.

Your video should be no more than five minutes. (It can also be just 30 seconds if you like… it’s up to you!)

You can film this short video on your phone, tablet or camera (landscape orientation).

When you’re done, please email your video to with “Millbee Ambassador Video” in the subject line.

(That way, we’ll be certain to see it quickly!)

Once we watch your video, we’ll review your information. If we think we would be a great fit for each other, we’ll reach out to you via email.

While we would love to accept every potential Ambassador, space is limited. So grab your favorite outfit, find that perfect lighting and show us your very best YOU! 

A quick reminder… Ambassadors do not receive monetary compensation. However, if you are chosen to be a Millbee Ambassador, you can expect to receive free Millbee products, 25% discounts on future orders, access to new products, special Ambassador gifts—and more.

Too nervous to speak in front of a camera? We understand!

Apply to be a mini-ambassador.

Many people are nervous speaking behind the camera. It can feel daunting at first but it does get easier with practice! If you love Millbee products and want to tell others about your experience you can apply to become a mini-ambassador. 

To apply just answer one of the questions above and tell us a little bit about yourself. Send us a profile (landscape) picture of yourself. If you have some Millbee products include them in your profile photo. You can also include some extra photos of our products in use in your home.  It's best to use natural daylight when taking a photo and we love profile pictures taken outdoors! 

You can email your images and written profile to with “Mini Millbee Ambassador” in the subject line.

We’ll review your application and selected profiles will be featured on our blog and social media. You will also receive our mini ambassador pack that includes our variety beeswax wraps and a pillar candle for FREE as well as a unique discount code for friends and family.

Thanks again for your interest. We can’t wait to receive your emails!

Need some inspiration before you submit? Check out 3 of our recent Ambassador submissions.