I decided that I needed to take care of myself, and in taking care of myself, my home was going to be an extension of that. 

If you have wondered about how you can do more at home to help the environment, then read my story about how I discovered a deep respect for nature and how I embraced living more sustainably at home.

My name is Dee and I'm from county Mayo. I'm here to tell you about my Millbee journey and experience. 

In 2019, I had a pretty bad mental breakdown. I spent a lot of my months, sitting outside on the patio in nature. Trying to recoup, regenerate, re-energise and trying to get things into perspective for myself.


For a lot of that time, the only company I had was nature. I watched the birds come in and out into the feeders in early Spring and on into Summer. There was a hive of bees and wasps coming and going and I used to take such pleasure in watching them bounce from flower to flower. It made me really want to invest back into nature. While I was going through that really difficult time, nature was there to pick me up, keep me company and it soothed me many days.


I decided to make new choices to rebuild my life. Change can't happen unless I make change happen. I decided that I needed to take care of myself, and in taking care of myself, my home was going to be an extension of that. Further out from that, taking care of the environment. I choose doing more for the environment as part of my self care regime. I learned so much from it that I wanted to give back, and I wanted to protect what was there. 


So, in the Autumn/Winter of 2019, I made my first purchase with Millbee with the hope to reduce single use plastics at home. And I'd say after a couple of months, I wasn't picking up the cling wrap as much as I usually would be. I started with the lunch pack and getting the kids off to school with their lunches wrapped up in Millbee's Beeswax Wraps. It did wonders for me also because I felt like I was doing something good for them. Teaching them to take care of things and showing them that it's little steps we do that's going to make a difference. 


I choose Millbee as part of my journey going forward because I like their sustainable ethos. And I love working with nature and bees.

Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Wrap

I like reusable products you use in the home that are more eco-friendly. It leaves less of a footprint. Millbee Beeswax Wraps are so easy to wash and reuse and my large bread wrap is still on the go after 1 year. I never buy plastic wrap anymore and I'm so happy that these small changes really do make a difference to our environment.


I can just pop Millbee's wraps into our compost at home when I'm done with them as they are biodegradable and compostable. 

Multi- Size Wraps

I use all the wrap sizes - the bread wrap and the variety wrap sizes. I have a couple of the lunch wraps and they go on pretty much everything. My sourdough starter is now under one, and it's the happiest it's ever been!


What I was doing in my home gave me a boost. I was implementing some good habits with my children. I was giving them some good knowledge on how to take care of things, themselves and the earth combined, and all of nature. I felt like I was giving something back. So that's my journey with Millbee! That's why I've incorporated this so much into my life and I really don't see it ending there! 

I was delighted then when Millbee reached out to me last month to see if I would like to become their first brand ambassador which I gladly accepted! I hope you get to try some of their wraps and start to make some small changes in your home that make a difference to Nature & the environment. 


As a special introductory price, Millbee is offering 
10% Off our 4 Wrap Starter Set for all new customers. 
Plus, if you aren't totally happy with your Millbee Beeswax Wraps, you can return them within 90 days for a full refund. 


March 18, 2021 — AdCeler8