For many people adjusting to working from home with kids is a big challenge during Covid-19 lockdown. My kids are five and six years old and I know those of you with babies or older kids and teenagers will have different challenges. I'd like to share a few ideas which I hope might help some of you! 

1. Expect to be interrupted!

Many children don't understand why they need to be quiet all of a sudden when you are on a work call. They don't understand that their home is now your work environment. It will help you to be less frustrated if you see things from their end!

2. Create a work zone

Space can be tight in many homes but if you can at all, try to create a defined space to work from. Kitchen tables can be difficult as they need to be cleared often for eating time and there's generally lots of activity in the kitchen. You could place a small desk or table in the bedroom or upstairs landing.

3. Activities for kids

If the weather is bad or you really need some quiet time to focus on your work here are some activities for kids - Coloring / Lego / Jigsaws. I don't think there's any harm in putting on a movie during the day either!

4. Free resources

Now is a good time to avail of all the free resources online. Here's a couple I like -  Join the library for free audio booksCalm meditation

5. Get them outside

When we were kids we were told to just go outside and play for hours. Particularly, when the sun was shining! We didn't have swings or slides and loads of toys outside and because of that, we had to create our own games. This encourages creativity and it's also healthy to be outdoors. 

6. Routine

I haven't been very strict when it comes to a routine so far. My kids are young so I think allowing them lots of time to play is important. However, they are encouraged to tidy up after themselves to lighten our workload. Their school sent us worksheets which we are using. Also, I have created packed lunches using our Millbee reusable food wraps! Having a tasty lunch to look forward to is an incentive to get their school work done. 

This is a challenging time for many of us but I also think it's a unique opportunity to spend quality time with our kids. Let's try to embrace this!

April 03, 2020 — Jennifer Doyle


Dolores Ni Diolún said:

Very good Jennifer and very useful information. Well done and continued success for the future

Dolores Ni Diolún said:

Very good Jennifer and very useful information. Well done and continued success for the future

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